Archaeological Mapping

Client: USP, Engenho dos Erasmos, BNDES
Date: June 15, 2017
Services: Website Design, UX

01. Intro

Mapping of archaeological sites

This is the website for an important project developed by São Paulo University (USP) and funded by Brazilian Development Bank. After researchers cataloged 150 historical and archaeological sites in São Paulo cost, my mission was to display this informations in an user friendly way. The result, still in progress, is a website that helps researchers, educators, tourists and locals to find cultural spots relate to them interactively.

Historical and Archaeological Sites
Tourist and educational routes

02. Main Challenges

1. Experience Design

To create an immersive and intuitive navigation,
capable of inciting curiosity and encourage
social sharing and spontaneous advertising.

2. Development

To create different search modes and filters to
enable a free and customizible navigation, crossing categories, locals and tags.

3. Content amount

Great amount of information, data and images to
manage in the platform.

03. The site search


03. Inside the

Historical Site Page

A) What matters first 
picture-based header to incite curiosity.

B) Service 
Detailed and practical informations to help researchers, educators and tourists.

04. Explore our

Tour Route Page

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